Arizona Model Aviators                Revised May 16, 2020

Superstition Airpark Protocols for COVID-19

Arizona Governor Douglas A. Ducey, cancelled Executive Order 2020-33, the Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected Order and replaced it with Executive Order 2020-36. This new order, effective May 16, 2020, allows for certain retailers, business and recreation facilities to resume operation in the State of Arizona as long as they follow current CDC guidelines and protocols to mitigate and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The new order provides a policy that promotes physical distancing, while encouraging social connectedness. The new order continues to encourage all individuals when in public areas to maximize physical distance from others and when not practical, to practice precautionary CDC measures (i.e. masks or other face coverings worn).

On May 4th, the Board of Directors established a set of protocols to be followed by the membership and visitors when using the Superstition Airpark facility. The protocols set in place on May 4th are now being revised to follow the Governor’s new order.

The Board of Directors of the Arizona Model Aviators request that all members, their guests and any visitors using or visiting the Superstition Airpark facility abide by and practice the following protocols:

1. Maintain proper social distancing. Please allow at least six feet between you and the next person. Masks may be worn but are not required.

2. Everyone using the field should practice healthy hygiene by not touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. Please use hand sanitizer at the field and immediately after leaving. When you get home, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

3. Fellowship is one of the distinct benefits of our aeromodelling community and discussions relating to aircraft, equipment and a particularly good flight are a common occurrence, however, please minimize such “pilot meetings” to no more than 10 individuals.

4. Visitors are welcome to watch the activity as long as they maintain proper social distancing and healthy hygiene practices as explained above.

5. Only one person will be allowed to a use an assembly table under the ramada to assemble their aircraft. After using the table, and before leaving the field, the user must use a disinfectant spray or other cleaning agent to clean the table top. Alternatively, the user can bring their own table or work stand and take it with them when they leave. Tables or work stands left at the field will be thrown out.

6. The field chairs and benches can be used, but must be cleaned immediately after use with a disinfectant. Alternatively, the member may bring their own chair.

7. All members using the field must prominently display their AMA card and 2020 membership sticker.

These revised protocols shall remain in force as long until the, Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger Executive Order 2020-36 is amended or cancelled.

Notwithstanding the above, all members using the Superstition Airpark remain obligated to follow the Arizona Model Aviators Standing Rules and Superstition Airpark Operational Rules.

Regards, The Board of Directors, Arizona Model Aviators



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Safety Reminders Your club officers would like to remind you of the following safety guidelines:

Don’t fly alone, get help during engine startup and have a co-pilot watch for other air traffic and field obstacles.

Follow the established traffic pattern, do not fly against the pattern.  If you don’t know which direction is in effect, ask the pilots on the flight line.

Don’t fly over the runway except for landing and takeoff.  All maneuvers, including passes, should be done out over the dirt, away from the runway.

Do not practice pylon racing without making sure that the other pilots on the flight line know what you’re up to.  It only takes a minute to let the other pilots know what you want to do and where you’ll do it.

Don’t fly behind the deadline!  (The deadline is the white line in front of the pilot boxes  that marks the edge of the taxiway.)

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