Superstition Pattern Classic

Feb 27th and 28th 2021

Superstition Airpark

Event Flyer 2021

The contest is on, but there will be significant changes due to the covid virus . You will need to bring your own food and drinks and PPE.
Field open for practice on Friday

We will have electricity at the field.

Field open for practice on Friday

6 Rounds Weather permitting

Registration starts at 8 AM, wheels up 9:00 AM

Any AMA legal aircraft is OK for Sportsman.

Entry fee will be $25 for Sportsman. $45 entry fee for all others

F3A will fly 4 rounds of P and 2 rounds of F

The best 3 P and the best F will be used for the final score.  F3A Silver will fly  P 21


See the Club Web site for other information


Contest Director : Gary Switala