Superstition Air Park 2023

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Current Newsletter

AMA Newsletter May 2023


Next General Club Meeting

Oct 7, 2023

9 AM

Monthly club meetings will be held at the model field

New Club T-Shirts and Hats are now available

Contact Tony Miologos for Purchase (480-203-5653)

$20 Shirts & $15 Hats

Proposed changes to the Club By-Laws will be discussed at this meeting.

Link to proposed changes:

2023 Proposed By-Law Changes



Recent Club Pictures

EF 1 Race May 2021  –  YouTube Video

Jet Rally 2019 Pictures


Current Safety Rules

Safety Rules April 2012


Safety Reminders Your club officers would like to remind you of the following safety guidelines:

Don’t fly alone, get help during engine startup and have a co-pilot watch for other air traffic and field obstacles.

Follow the established traffic pattern, do not fly against the pattern.  If you don’t know which direction is in effect, ask the pilots on the flight line.

Don’t fly over the runway except for landing and takeoff.  All maneuvers, including passes, should be done out over the dirt, away from the runway.

Do not practice pylon racing without making sure that the other pilots on the flight line know what you’re up to.  It only takes a minute to let the other pilots know what you want to do and where you’ll do it.

Don’t fly behind the deadline!  (The deadline is the white line in front of the pilot boxes  that marks the edge of the taxiway.)

Show-n-Tell Have any modeling tips you’d like to share with your club members?  Got a new airplane you’d like to show off?  We would love to hear from you!  Each month you have an opportunity to share what you know during our monthly general membership meeting.  If you’re interested, please let the President or Vice President know so that he can make a slot on the meeting agenda.

FREE Airplanes!  FREE Airplanes!  FREE Airplanes! Did you know that every month we raffle a new RC airplane and many other useful modeling items during our general membership meeting?  You can have a chance to win a new plane for only $1 by attending the meeting and buying a raffle ticket.  (You must be  present to win.)  Don’t miss your chance to get a new plane or other exciting items.  You might even learn some useful information about your club during the meeting.