Flight Instruction



Want to get into the exciting hobby of R/C aero modeling?  The most difficult part is learning to fly.  Before you wreck your new plane, learn  what you need to do to get in the air, and stay up there,  from our staff of experienced flight instructors.  This is a free service provided by willing,  volunteers who enjoy helping other modelers. Our basic requirement is that you join the Academy of Model Aeronautics. As far as the club is concerned you are highly encouraged to join however you also can pay by the day ($10).

We currently do not provide helicopter instruction.

If you are not sure about this hobby, our club in conjunction with the Academy of Model Aeronautics offers an Introductory Flight program. This program will allow you to take a few lessons for free. Our instructors will provide all the necessary equipment during this trial period. The trial period lasts 60 days after which you will need to get your own aircraft, join the club and register with the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

You can register online at the Academy of Model Aeronautics.
Our club application form is available on this website.
Some advise on what equipment you will need:
It is highly recommended you purchase a trainer with a SAFE or stabilization system.
A larger substantial aircraft will be a better platform for training. The small under 48″ wingspan foamy types tend to be light, somewhat unstable and get bounced around in the wind. Also make sure you can buy spare parts for your aircraft. Learning to takeoff and land your plane usually results in some bumps and bruises on the plane and your ego.
There are many trainer type aircraft available.

Make sure you have the minimal accessories needed to operate your aircraft. If you have a fuel powered engine you will need a fuel pump, fuel, glow starter and most likely an electric starter with a 12 volt battery. If you go electric power, you will need multiple battery packs (minimum of two) and a 12 volt capable charger which you can power off your car battery. We do not have 110V electricity at our field on normal flying days. For our special events like the annual electric festival we use a generator. A few extra propellers is always a good idea.
If you are not sure what equipment you will need, contact one of our instructors. They can provide advise and even meet you at the field and demonstrate how the equipment and training program works.
Please be patient with your instructor when scheduling instruction times, and always show-up for any meetings you’ve arranged with the instructor.

Flight Instruction Appointment Contact:

Jim Compton
480 818 1658
Email:  jwcompton53@gmail.com


Tim Dickey
480 540 7553
Email:  tdickey2@icloud.com