Helicopter Operations



This field is not set up to support beginning hovering or training for helicopter flight at this time.  Only pilots competent in forward flight, taxi hover and able to operate their model within these guidelines will be permitted to fly helis at this AMA field.
All heli pilots wishing to fly at this field must satisfactorily complete a check flight in the presence of two Arizona Model Aviator Instructors.  After which he/she will be issued a “Helicopter Pilot” identification card signed by both flight instructors.  This card along with the pilot’s AMA card shall be displayed on the frequency control board when flying.  In the future “Helicopter Pilot” may be stamped on the club member’s membership card.
Heli operations are restricted to flight boxes 1 and 5 only!  Starting the model in the appropriate start box without releasing the rotor head after start, until the model is on the heli pad.  Absolutely no rotor run up in the start box. Don’t forget to announce your entrance onto the taxiway.  Flying is done from the 1H and 5H pilot stations.  Exceptions for special event demos.
A maximum of a 5′ hover is permitted in the heli pad area only, so as not to obstruct the view of other pilots.  Transition into and out of hover are done here.  No hovering is permitted in the taxiway or on the runway between the two heli pads.
Heli pads are part of the taxiway and no takeoffs or landings are permitted in this area.  No exceptions!
Takeoffs and landings are called out as with fixed wing aircraft and are done over the runway from a taxi hover straight out from the heli pads.  Be sure and follow the current flight path.
Transition into and out of forward flight must not allow hovering on the runway between heli pads.
All aerobatics follow the same guidelines as fixed wing aircraft and must be performed north of the runway over the dirt.
Heli pilots must read and abide by all Arizona Model Aviator club rules.

Safe operation of helis and fixed wing aircraft can and will happen if these guidelines are followed.  If an individual is unable to follow these guidelines and AMA rules, they will not be able to fly at this field.