2023 Proposed By-Law Changes

Summary of proposed amendment to the by-laws (Sept 2023):

1. Creation of Article XII- Resignation, Termination, Disciplinary Action, Exclusion,Expulsion, and Reinstatement of Membership. Outlines procedures and ties to Article XI

2. Addition of a Waiver Article II to be completed by each member. Waiver is a release of liability. This is to protect the club long term.

3. These proposed additions provide the board the ability to enforce actions to protect the club and general membership.

4. This comes from existing club by-laws and was provided by Greg Stone our AMA District X Vice President.

5. These changes were reviewed by Stephan Holmquist Esq. DSR & Associates to conform with Arizona law.

Proposed new By-Laws

2022.10 Arizona Model Aviators Inc Bylaws – 1st Amendment.FINAL


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