War Bird Dawn Patrol 2018

We will repeat the dawn Patrol at this year’s Arizona Model Aviators Warbird event.  It was a lot of fun for those who participated or watched last year.  We hope you can join in this year.

It’s magical to see: It is dawn.  A pilot sits in the open cockpit of the flying machine which is covered with fabric and held together by rigging wires.  As the throttle advances, a scarf trails in the prop wash and the machine takes off into the dawn to join a gaggle of these bipes and a triplane or two, patrolling the skies as the sun staggers above the horizon – in our case, the Superstition Mountains.

Come and experience this at our event.  2018 is quite an anniversary:  WWI ended 100 years ago (November 11th 1918).

At first light on the Saturday, we’ll put up as many WWI models as we can, to patrol the skies over the Superstition Airpark.  If you have a model representing a full size aircraft that flew before the end of WWI, make sure it is prep’ed and ready.

Here are the details:

Date:  Saturday morning, December 1st (Day two of Warbirds in Arizona)

Time:  Start engines as soon after Oh-seven-hundred (0700) as we can safely see. (Sunrise is 0712 on Dec 1st)

No flying before 0700.  Gaggle flying ends at 0800.  Regular event flying starts at 0900.

Who:  Any registered participant of the 2018 Warbirds in Arizona.

What:  Any model of a full size aircraft that flew before the end of WWI (1918).

Models can be any scale and powered by internal combustion, or electric.

Where:  Arizona Modeler Aviators’ Superstition Airpark.

We look forward to seeing your scout in the early morning air.  Remember to get to the field early so your aircraft is ready and fueled, or charged by 0700.  And bring a flashlight for set-up!

If you don’t have a WWI aircraft, a dawn patrol gaggle is something to witness.  Bring your camera/camcorder/mobile phone.

Any questions – address them to me at rcstrutter@gmail.com

or event CD, John Mangino at manginoaz@cox.net